Attending Exhibition & Mixing medias in the studio

   Winter is now clearly imposing its rhythm on the days, and one is lucky to find a bit of natural light to work with… The world seems dark, and this impression is reinforced by extremely busy office days, which means my commute is the only moment I am given a bit of sun… Not unhappy though… the more busy I am, and the happier.

Dark weeks, and sparkling weekends…


   Last week, I went on another great show – the Tate Modern Modigliani exhibition. I have to say I was more than impressed : Entering the rooms, I was immediately surrounded by a unique creative and poetic universe. The show was very busy, which led me to flee after a small hour… But I will definitely be back before its end.

I was really struck by the way each character and its pose (mainly in the portraits and the few nudes exhibited), was depicted. The lines, and the colors, serving the composition, always leading the viewer towards an aspiration and a story… Almost each painting was taking me to some sort of inner contemplation – either reflecting on the person painted, or, more importantly, the idea or feeling which was expressed. Yes, each painting was like an inner journey… I will go back, in less busy times (maybe at the very beginning of 2018?) and will spend more time diving into this…


In the Studio, working on an oil painting and enjoying rubbing pastel on paper…

  As for the Oil work – I was having in mind, for some time now, to paint a simple window and a bit of the beautiful summer light which was enlightening a day at the office, earlie


r this year. The subject is pretty simple, yet, the colors association is one that will need some work… I want the painting to be simple, fresh, I want to feel again the comfort and the warm promise of hope and energy I saw while I was enjoying this light… One of the

 struggles I have is that I am using cadmium yellow, and that I find this color too heavy, too

 warm… I need a proper daylight to work on this piece as color mixing is here one of the keys to reach the effects I am after.

   To rest, and for the fun of drawing and painting, I also continue the work on Human Figure. I have started a reclining nude last weekend, and may be able to finish the piece by tonight, if time and energy are there.



Below are few of the painting stage, from the drawing to the first layers of pastel, after having done a preparatory charcoal drawing.  I work with a Canson mi-teinte – the paper will saturate quite fast… I will strive to keep some of the drawing energy and life, and note push the piece too far… the last stages are always exciting and perilous… how many pieces have I destroyed after being upset by some very wrong choices… Let’s see how far we’ll go with this one.